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Workshop Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit via Google Drive. Upload your file to the Drive, then share it so viewers can have access.

    • If you're new to the workshop, you can email Charla after RSVP'ing. Otherwise, just sign up on our normal shared Workshop spreadsheet.​

  • ​Keep submissions under 20 pages, double-spaced. 

  • Include page numbers on your submission.

  • Use common courtesy when posting. It's fine to sign up several times in a row if other people aren't using the slots, but make sure others have a chance. Try to upload your submission the Thursday before the workshop. That gives people a full week to read it.​

How to Upload a File to Google Drive

How to Share a File from Google Drive

Participation Guidelines

  • We have three available slots for each workshop and allow 30 minutes for each one to be discussed.

  • Read the piece before workshop. You can print out a copy to bring to workshop, or bring a digital copy on some device. ​

  • Most people offer some form of written feedback on the submission in Google Drive. These may be line edits, questions for clarity, or just overall reactions to the piece. ​

  • The author is allowed to talk during his/her workshop, and can direct the conversation how s/he chooses. 

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